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Creality Ender-3 S1 Plus 3D Printer | "Sprite" Direct Extruder | 300*300*300 mm

Fast & Free Shipping! 2022 New "Sprite" Full-Metal Direct Extruder| CR Touch Auto-leveling| large size printing-300*300*300mm

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  • Ender-3 S1 Plus
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Creality Ender-3 S1 Plus 3D Printer-2022 NEW

Build Volume Upgrade: 300*300*300 mm, Print larger-size models, meet more printing needs.

Hassle-free CR Touch Auto-leveling: Quick leveling with automatic height compensation for 16 points on the heatbed.

"Sprite" Dual-gear Direct Extruder, Good Filament Compatibility: Full-Metal new "sprite" direct extruder, lightweight and powerful, ensuring smooth feeding and perfect printing even with flexible filaments.

4.3-inch Touch Screen, Click to Control: User-friendly UI supports 9 languages. Automatic dimming out in 3 minutes for energy saving.

Synchronized Dual Z-axes, High Precision Printing: Dual Z-axis lead screws and dual motors, stable movement, higher printing quality.

Quick Assembly, Easy to Handle: 96% pre-installed, 6-step assembly, easy to use.

1. Q: What types of filaments can the machine print?

A: PLA, TPU, PETG and other linear filaments. (ABS can be printed when the temperature of the inner cavity of the thermal insulation cover reaches 40 degrees)

2. Q: Can the local voltage 110V be used?

A: There are two gears of 115V and 230V for adjustment on the power supply. The current frequency: 50/60Hz, and the DC output is 24V.

3. Q: How to move the X/Y/Z/E-axis individually?

A: Click "Prepare" on the UI interface, select "Axis Movement" to control each axis individually, and you can also select the distance of each movement (0.1mm/1mm/10mm).

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Creality Ender-3 S1 Plus 3D Printer | "Sprite" Direct Extruder | 300*300*300 mm
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